Peer Review 1 – #BCM302

For this task, I will be conducting a peer review on two promising projects that are consistently juxtaposed to one another in style and appearance. Nick Childs has an Instagram project he is continuing from his first year that focuses on the aesthetic qualities of the Japanese landscape, this in comparison to Jack Ridoutt’s project, that will be a series of YouTube videos, surrounding the NBA.

Jack Ridoutt

Jack’s purpose throughout this project is to create content surrounding the NBA bubble that’s come to life during the restart of the remaining NBA season. Since High School, Jack has always wanted to create content on this platform, although, was never backed with support from peers. In this new environment, I believe his idea of combining his passion of Basketball with YouTube, will explore new boundaries within his sporting passion. His method is to post one to two videos a week discussing current events within the NBA, game reviews and weekly news from the Bubble. It’s a demanding task, as video editing and keeping up to date with news can be very difficult at times, although, because of his passion for the sport, it will adhere to his motivation to succeed within this task. With this content, comes a target audience.

The utility of this YouTube channel will be based off a large audience, as Basketball is an international sport. What Jack must keep mindful of is how does his media differ from others on the platform and how consistent will he be with posting online.


I do have very few suggestions for his project. If he desires to try this method, I believe it is key to trial quantity and quality methods, meaning, a quantity method would be producing content frequently that does not have as much quality as one video a week with all the time and effort put into it. I suggest he tries both and looks upon what the outcome may be.

Nick Childs

Nick has decided to continue his Instagram account from his first year named ‘Japanese Bliss’. This project I found interesting and different. I personally have never been to Japan before, so I am excited to see and explore depths of Japan on Nick’s account, and gather an understanding of the culture and environment. I believe Nick has the aesthetics of the account done perfectly, and his action plan of scheduling posts is a great one in maintaining consistency and engagement amongst users on the page. A suggestion of frequency would personally be posting everyday, as that creates more awareness amongst followers and encourages others to stay engaged as they are constantly viewing your content on their Instagram feed.

I am also interested to see the tour guide aspect of the project, as there are many places in Japan many have never seen or heard of, and for Nick to bring those environments to justice, will definitely adhere to a niche audience in retrospect to that audience that just wants to visit the mainstream landmarks.

The advice I can give Nick is maintaining consistency throughout, as his followers will not want to see a lapse in lack of content. He also mentioned using polls in stories, I agree with this action, as it creates a community fan base that engages with all those that follow the page. Another suggestion I have is asking questions in captions and using many hashtags. I know in the past when I used questions as captions, I got a sufficient amount of comments in comparison to when I didn’t. Hashtags are to be utilised effectively, as they gain a lot of traction when used correctly.


Looking forward to seeing their ongoing projects.





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