BCM: 215 Pitch – Is this FIFA’s Downfall?

FIFA, one of the most popular E sports games out there, with 10 million active players.

In my digital artefact, I will meticulously examine and explore each FIFA from FIFA 14 onwards, in a challenge of subjectviely fidning which FIFA I personally enjoy the most, while answering the question of whether the overall user experience within the game has imrproved or declined over the past 6 years.

What brought this topic to my attention was my lack of enjoyment from the game year after year of playing. I knew I could not have been the only one to experience such poor gameplay, and an interface that was completely bland and uninspiring. In March of this year, it was said that two pro fifa players had to decide their final game via a virutal rock,paper and scissors game due to the video games difficulty with connecting their indikvual users to the server. In additon, this was an EA licenced event which sparked much disappoimtment amongst many gamers. Especially Donovan Hunt, a pro gamer who believes the game has become very unrewarding. He quotes here, “the game requires no form of skill anymore, anyone can win, it’s become unenjoyable.” That statement alone has defined many overall users experience over the past few years, as many players, including myself are interpreting the game as stale.

By broadcasting this podcast, I will be able to analyse in depth with a fellow peer what current changes need to be expressed and demonstrate which FIFA the developers at EA must take more inspiration from. As a Communications student, it is with paramount signficance that as many voices are heard online in order to make serious changes within the game. My analysis of each game over all podcasts will demonstrate to EA whether they have taken a step backwards or forwards in developing this game as poor servers, unrealistic gameplay and price ranges, have all been key factors in destroying what once was a beloved video game to many.

I am looking forward to expressing my opinions and expressions via the podcast, with an expectation of shedding some light upon those who take the user experience as seriously as many of us do.

Thank you.


FIFA 20 pro Tekkz slams game in post match interview: Ginx ESPORTS TV> By Daniel Conlan, published on February 22nd 2020


FIFA 20 esports qualifiers decided by Rock,PAper,Scissors when players can’t connect. By Own S. Good. Published on March the 1st 2020.


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