BCM 215: Project Pitch

In the continuation of my DA. I wanted to construct an analytical framework that would adhere to the fundamental topics I would examine in relation to my project. Initially, I had planned to only speak about the technical and design aspects of each FIFA. This was reviewed in the week 6 lecture, as the developer v design aspect was something I wanted to explore, and something I covered within the podcast, although, it was subtle. There was one aspect of the lecture in which I did not introduce until I received a sense of comfortability in creating podcasts. This aspect was how much I noticed individuals were unpleasant with EA Sports, and the way they have conducted their series of FIFA games throughout the past two decades.

In the lecture, Chris spoke about reasons why people choose not to play games or stop playing games. I believe the arguments I created and expanded on in the podcast reflect in detail the current aspects of FIFA that may turn off many loyal consumers. An example of this, which was referenced in episode 3, was the “copy and paste” of fifa 19 onto the Nintendo Switch. As Nintendo has been a huge leader in the gaming industry, especially in the 70’s,80’s,90’s and 2000’s. It felt as if the company had been somewhat disrespected, as EA Sports declared and admitted to releasing the exact same game on the Nintendo switch from FIFA 19 onwards. To all consumers that bought FIFA 20 and the newly released 21. I demonstrate a sense of empathy.

These are the conscious decisions one must make in ordering these year by year games as EA have somewhat become purely motivated by greed, rather than providing consumers with a game they would enjoy. Instead, we have received a similar game each year, with the same engine used in previous years, and the rate in which technology is expanding for developers, EA seems to be cutting corners in this particular department.


In contrast, a well developed company like EA, should be producing and developing games that are state of the art, but as we have also seen with Madden, these games often feel rushed and very satisfactory, especially in comparison to other games created by fairly new developers in Rocksteady. This comparison leaves many contemplating whether to buy the next game, as there are no imrpovements.

Another interesting point that was addressed within the podcast was the odd decision for EA to not release a demo of the newly released FIFA 21. As a passive gamer or consumer of the product, I did find it quite unreasonable of EA not to release a demo. It was as if they knew we would be cynical of its lack of change from the beginning?

The most important piece of my BETA, is the ideation process of engaging with audiences. From a personal perspective, this was an area that lacked throughout. I can not blame my sudden surgery or personality for this. I have now set a plan on sharing my Soundcloud and Youtube podcast on all platforms, especially on my private profiles amongst the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter community, using the #BCM215 hashtag.

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