BCM: 215. Comments

Here is a look upon my comment reviews.

Michaela’s Blog:

Michaela had a very insightful argument into the sexualisation in many games today. I drew the attention towards the game design and designers heavily in this feedback, as we recall from the lecture, it is important to comprehend how companies prosper from the over sexualisation of video games, one important factor is that I mentioned was the games ability to create an ideal world in which males and females are to look at their most physical peak in order to go on their adventure. This also comes down to gender stereo typing, and this false sense of reality we have in the physical world that we must engage and interact with in the virtual world. I presented and article that further explains the lack of realism within the games of a humans sexual appearance and how it may actually turn off many users. I hope this information adhered to her understanding of the topic and I am intrigued to see what she has to produce next.

Leo’s blog:

Leo’s topic I found very easy to understand and had no problems finding methods for his presentation of the project. He decided that he wanted to do a blog post, although, I informed him that a YouTube video would be a much better platform in presenting an in depth analysis of micro transactions within games. For him to further analyse and research the topic thoroughly, I offered him an article that displayed an individual who was against the new wave of micro transactions within games. I shared this information as I believed in this realm of research it is important to identify both ends of the spectrum, in terms of for and against. As it allows an individual to build a stronger argument for their side of the topic, thus creating a more intriguing DA.

Alicia’s blog:

Out of all the blogs I read, Alicia’s DA pitch was the most interesting to watch in terms of wanting to know what would come next. Her enjoyable title and great presentation made it seamless for me to read as I was able to glide through each sentence knowing what she wanted to achieve through this DA. Her analysis so far really identifies how far behind we are in terms of gender appropriation and the representation of females within games. I do understand that her focus is more niche, as it is based upon games created for younger females. Although, the article I proposed to her expands the horizons on how females are represented within video games, and whether or not many games are misogynistic towards females as it is a heavily male based industry at times. Thus, I provided information that went beyond that so Alicia may explore more depths of a change that must be made within the gaming industry.


This is why Video Game Micro-transactions Aren’t Going Anywhere. Erik KAin. Forbes Magazine. 23rd of January 2019.


Let’s talk about sexualisation in video games} JBathchelor, June 2016 issue,


Female Representation in Videogames Isn’t Getting Any Better.} Anita Sarkeesian. 14.06.2019


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